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Elon Musk congratulates Tesla team for making its 1,000,000th car

Jak Connor | Mar 9, 2020 at 10:30 pm CDT

Since the fruition of the company, Tesla has been hard at work manufacturing and pioneering electric vehicles, but now is a time for celebration.

According to a recent Twitter post by Tesla CEO and Founder, Elon Musk, Tesla has officially manufactured its 1,000,000 car. This is quite an achievement for the electric vehicle manufacturer and should not go understated, considering the company's market cap value recently hit an all-time high. It should also be mentioned that throughout 2019, Tesla sold 367,000 cars, yet still managed to exceed German car manufacturer Volkswagen's market cap despite Volkswagen selling 11 million cars.

Tesla is on a roll, and there's no doubt that 2020 will be another big year for the company as well. The company has a lot of public support behind it, as it's pioneering the new age of electric vehicles. Other vehicle manufacturers are following in Tesla's footsteps and are attempting to create competitor vehicles, which is great for the consumer. So I can imagine that the electric vehicle market for 2020 and beyond is only just getting started, as more and more companies get on board with alternative electric vehicles.

Jeep's all-terrain e-bike can be pre-ordered now for... $5,899

Jak Connor | Mar 2, 2020 at 1:32 am CST

During this year's Super Bowl, we saw a lot of technology-related ads, and one of those ads were for Jeep's ebike.

Jeep has now initiated pre-orders for its e-bike, and it won't be coming cheap... at all. Jeep's e-bike will cost consumers $5,899 and will sport a 750W motor, Fire-Link suspension, and a maximum range of 40 miles. Jeep has also partnered with QuietKat and has said that the new off-road mountain bike is the "most powerful" mountain bike yet.

Originally, Bill Murray was spotted in the e-bikes Super Bowl advertisement, and if you want to check out that video, it can be seen above. It seems that Jeep is following the likes of Tesla by transitioning to more electric-related vehicles. I won't be surprised if other vehicle manufacturers follow the same path, as consumers are now looking for clean alternatives. Jeep will begin shipping out their e-bike sometime in June.

Everything you need to know about the horrific Tesla 'Autopilot' crash

Jak Connor | Feb 26, 2020 at 2:03 am CST

If you didn't know, a Tesla driver was recently killed in a fatal crash while using the Tesla Autopilot feature. This disaster sparked an investigation into what the driver was doing right before the crash and driving feature itself.

Everything you need to know about the horrific Tesla 'Autopilot' crash |

Firstly, the driver that was killed in Silicon Valley on March 23rd, 2018 was 38-year-old Apple engineer and game developer, Walter Huang. Huang was driving his Tesla Model X in Autopilot mode, collided with a safety barrier, and then was struck by two more cars. Before the crash Huang had reported issues with his Tesla's Autopilot feature to his family and close friend, but it was later discovered that he did not report it to Tesla themselves.

The National Transport and Safety Board (NTSB) conducted an investigation into the crash, as Huang's family are attempting to sue Tesla for a malfunctioning vehicle that they say ultimately killed Huang. The NTSB investigation was extensive, and took quite some time to formulate results. What the NTSB found was that Huang's vehicle was travelling at 70mph when it crashed into the safety barrier, and that Huang experienced the same "glitch" in the same spot on the road with his vehicle multiple times before his death.

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$110,000 Tesla car captures women attacking car doors on camera

Jak Connor | Feb 25, 2020 at 1:35 am CST

Daniel Pearce, aged 20, pinged Tesla founder and CEO, Elon Musk on social media asking him to help track down the women who attacked his fathers brand new Tesla.

$110,000 Tesla car captures women attacking car doors on camera 01 |

The car, which is a Tesla Model 3 Performance and valued at $110,000 AUD, and was parked at Westfield Penrith shopping center, Sydney, Australia. Pearce said to local news that was at the shopping center to grab some lunch with his family, and when his family returned back to the car to leave they noticed the scratch. "It's a pretty deep scratch all along the rear panel and two doors. Dad was pretty gutted. He's in love with his car, it's the first expensive car he's ever owned."

Pearce also said, "We just thought 'how could you do that to someone's car?' We've never seen this lady before in our lives." So, Pearce and his family downloaded the footage from the cars Sentry Mode, and the video showed a women walking up to the car and running her key from panel to panel. It has since been revealed by New South Wales Police that this women has been identified by the police and charged with malicious damage and issued with a court attendance notice for March 16th.

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Hot Wheels unveils RC Tesla Cybertruck, includes cracked window vinyl

Anthony Garreffa | Feb 24, 2020 at 10:05 pm CST

Tesla might have had fans excited for its electric Cybertruck, but now you can get your hands-on one for just $20 or $400 -- the Hot Wheels RC Cybertruck, that is. Tesla has had over 500,000 orders for its new Cybertruck already, too.

Hot Wheels recently unveiled a new 1:64 scale RC Cybertruck that it will be selling for $20, while the larger 1:10 scale RC Cybertruck costs $400. Both of the new RC Cybertruck's will begin shipping in December 2020, they will be limited editions, and will be available until they're sold out -- which is happening very quick.

The smaller 1:64 version of the Tesla Cybertruck is the size of a normal Hot Wheels car, with two driving speeds and less moving parts -- both of the new RC Cybertruck Hot Wheels cars were designed with the assistance of Tesla. Better yet, the larger 1:10 RC Cybertruck even includes something special -- a "cracked window vinyl sticker", a laugh at the on-stage slip up that saw a shattered Cybertruck window during its unveil and detailing of how strong the car was.

Tesla Cybertruck has over 500,000 orders so far, or 5873 per day

Anthony Garreffa | Feb 20, 2020 at 8:45 pm CST

Tesla shook the entire world when it unveiled its electric Cybertruck in late 2019, but since then we don't know how many orders Tesla Motors have received.

Tesla Cybertruck has over 500,000 orders so far, or 5873 per day |

But now, according to the latest information from the Cybertruck Owners Club -- with information current to February 18, there are around 535,000 orders for Tesla's exciting new Cybertruck. This breaks down to 5873 orders per day, which is a pretty damn large amount of orders.

How does the Cybertruck Owners Club work out this information? Easy: it plays around with Tesla's own reservation numbering system which is easy to work out as members hare their Cybertruck reservation number. Cybertruck Owners Club explains: "Your order number is just a sequential number, starting at about 112744100 (the number that reservations began). So subtract that from your number for your (approximate) place in line".

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Nissan testing $699 a month cars-on-demand subscription service

Anthony Garreffa | Feb 19, 2020 at 10:15 pm CST

We live in a world where subscription services are starting to replace virtually everything, but now Japanese auto giant Nissan wants to see us live in a world where car subscription services are a thing.

Nissan testing $699 a month cars-on-demand subscription service |

Nissan is testing out its new Switch service in Houston, which will let you swap your Nissan vehicle through a mobile app. You can order a new car at the time, where a Nissan dealership staffer will drive the vehicle out to you, and run you through how to use your new car. Awesome stuff!

Nissan starts off the pricing for its new Switch service at $699 per month, something it calls its "Select" plan -- which offers you up 4 different cars: Altima, Rogue, Pathfinder, and Frontier. For $899 per month you can be upgraded to the Premium plan, which offers up 6 more cars: the Leaf Plus, Maxima, Murano, Armada, Titan, and even the 370Z. If you want to get your mits on the Nissan GT-R then you will pay $100 per day on top of that, but you'll only get 7 consecutive days with that.

There will be a $495 activation fee, but the entire subscription service includes in its monthly pricing: delivery, cleaning, insurance, roadside assistance, and standard maintenance.

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Tesla Autopilot hackers trick car to accelerate to 85MPH, with tape

Anthony Garreffa | Feb 19, 2020 at 8:23 pm CST

Just imagine driving around through a 35MPH zone and some hacker manipulates your Tesla electric car and its Autopilot mode, tricking it into seeing that 35MPH speed sign and making it think it was an 85MPH sign.

Yeah, so a group of McAfee researchers did just that -- manipulated a speed limit sign that tricks the Autopilot self-driving technology that Tesla is a leader in. The researchers put a small sticker on a 35MPH speed limit sign, tricking both a 2016 Tesla Model X and Model S in Autopilot mode, into thinking it was an 85MPH sign -- both vehicles then began accelerating up to 85MPH.

MIT Technology Review says that this isn't the first time researchers have been able to manipulate Tesla in Autopilot mode, where they report: "In an 18-month-long research process, [McAfee researchers] Trivedi and Povolny replicated and expanded upon a host of adversarial machine-learning attacks including a study from UC Berkeley professor Dawn Song that used stickers to trick a self-driving car into believing a stop sign was a 45-mile-per-hour speed limit sign. Last year, hackers tricked a Tesla into veering into the wrong lane in traffic by placing stickers on the road in an adversarial attack meant to manipulate the car's machine-learning algorithms".

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Tesla owner who died in horrific car crash was playing mobile games

Jak Connor | Feb 18, 2020 at 1:38 am CST

There has recently been quite a lot of controversy surrounding Tesla's Autopilot feature, and a new level of hostility and division arose after Walter Huang's death on March 23rd, 2018.

Tesla owner who died in horrific car crash was playing mobile games |

Huang's vehicle experienced an Autopilot glitch that caused it to get lanes mixed up as it approached a left exit on US Highway 101. The vehicle was traveling at 70 miles per hour, but since then, new information has surfaced in multiple new documents released by the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB). The documents confirm that Huang experienced this same glitch in this very same spot, multiple times before his death. What isn't confirmed is that if Huang told Tesla about this issue.

The documents state that on the last two times Huang drove over the same spot on highway 101 he noticed the glitch and grabbed the wheel to correct it. This evidence was gathered from the SD card that is inside every Model X (Huang's vehicle). A friend of Huang, Hans Ting, also asked Huang in a private message on March 19th how his vehicle was doing, a screenshot has been provided below. Huang's family claims that Huang notified Tesla of this Autopilot issue and said that Huang visited Tesla in regard to it.

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$150,000 Porsche Taycan EXPLODES whilst parked in owners garage

Anthony Garreffa | Feb 17, 2020 at 8:47 pm CST

Just imagine your $150,000 new Porsche Taycan electric car exploding while parked, stationary and turned off, in your garage. I can't imagine it, and it is a scary thought but it has happened to one Porsche Taycan owner in Florida.

There are only 130 of them in the US so far, with the German premium car maker seeing one of its Taycan electric vehicles exploding, catching on fire and burning to a crisp in a garage in South Florida on February 16. Electrek reported with a video from Twitter, saying that "the electric car was burned down to the some parts of the frame, and the garage sustained significant damages".

Porsche has confirmed with Electrek that they are "aware of the incident and that no one was hurt". There's also one fact that Electrek drives home, and that's the bit where they say "Electric car fires often get a lot of attention from the mainstream media, despite the fact that they happen far less frequently than gasoline car fires".

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